HomedyslexiaRemember the Phone

Since organization is one of my constant dyslexia-related struggles, I’m always on the hunt for tools to incorporate into my routine. The most recent addition is a little app called Remember the Milk.

The day I’d finally signed up for an account after downloading the app a week prior, I was reminded once again of just how sorely I need those memory aids.

I had just set the program up on my phone, put together the first to-do list and got up to do something.

When I sat back down, I couldn’t remember two things:

1) What I was going to do.

2) Where my phone went.

Naturally, I took to twitter.

I love that sort of interaction with companies.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping the phone fully charged, so I just gave myself a call from our land line. If only those other things I’m constantly misplacing could be found as easily. My favorite is when I somehow forget I’m actively holding the item when I start looking for it.

I just had to laugh at myself, though. Within minutes of installing something to help me with my working memory problems, I lose thing thing on which I’d installed the thing.


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