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Today, I found out that the Cassidy Amendment didn’t pass for the ESEA bill, BUT by a very narrow margin of 10-12.

Sometimes facilitating change feels like climbing
a cliff.

That’s disappointing, but it just means we need to continue work on other avenues of support.

That narrow margin also means that some people in power ARE listening to us. However, I just found out that senators from these states voted no:

You can find out more info on how to make yourself be heard here on the NCLD web page.

Anyway, every time I witness a setback like this, I think back to where I got my start in reading and writing. I think back to the red marks, the failing grades and the devastating emotional fallout from that constant failure.

I think of the kids today who are struggling with the exact same thing, and the sheer frustration they’re feeling.

Then, I think of the people who were willing to help and support me. I realize that I, personally, can’t give up on these issues, because I’m one of the many who are behind the scenes, speaking with their votes and letting their opinions be known to those in power.

As I write this, I’m watching the live Town Hall with President Obama and listening to other women like me who were able to make it on site to the meeting. (Let’s hear it for the lady who asked a question similar to mine about invisible disabilities!) A big number of them are parents, who are taking an active role in child rearing.

Regardless of the blow-back we may get, the failures along the way and the huge challenges we face as a group, we have to go on, just like the kids who are now struggling to survive the school day.

Together, we can make changes for the better, regardless of how our brains are wired, what color our skin is, our gender, income level or anything else that may set us apart.

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