HomedyslexiaMy dyslexia’s making spell check’s cyber-life interesting

I just feel bad for spell check, sometimes. My spelling is terrible, and I know it, but if I tried paying attention to that as I’m writing, I’d end up giving up within the first two sentences.

So, I just start typing, and assign spell check the initial task of fixing my mistakes. To illustrate a typical conversation this program has with me, I opened one of my draft files about essential oils. It’s a loose outline for a future article for HubPages and it’s only about 530 words long.

Not even the first sentence, and spell check finds this.

“Ok, Em. That’s just a typo. I’ll forgive you this time. Here are a bunch of suggestions. I hear those essential boils are pretty useful.”

It doesn’t take more than a couple lines to stumble upon the next mistake.

“Stear? What kinda mistake is ‘stear’? I suppose I know what you mean. Let’s try harder next time.”

“Not even four words in and you pull this?” Insert exasperated sigh here. “FINE. Two choices. This shouldn’t be hard for you to decided on.”

“Oh, come on. You ALWAYS spell these words wrong, and I’m never sure what you mean, ’cause you never do it in the same way! Are you liable for that ladle’s labels? You’re too labile to change, and that’s not libel.”

Even though those aren’t my worst mistakes, they are my most common. As helpful as spell check can be, I guess it embodies the impatient people I’ve come across since I first started learning how to write.

I still feel bad for it, sometimes. It tries so hard, but there are always more mistakes to find.

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