HomedyslexiaFish, Curses and Supernatural: My Dyslexia’s Show Pitch

As a way to make the blogging process a little easier on me, I’ve begun scheduling tentative topics a month ahead of time. If I end up writing about something else, that’s cool. I just postpone the topic until some time in the next month.

The thing is, that doesn’t always work. Whether it’s because of my poor short term memory or dyslexia in general, there are some items I can’t make heads or tails of. Today’s original story falls into that category.

“Substituting fish for curses”? What?

I must have misread something curse related as something fish related, and thought it was amusing enough to remember.

Yeah, um. Apparently, it wasn’t. I have no clue what prompted that note.

As I was trying to figure out what in the world past me meant, though, my mind drifted to the tv-show Supernatural and the curse bags witches use in it.

How different would it be if they stashed fish somewhere on their victims instead of curse bags? Would the curse strengthen as the stench did?

Would their targets have a sudden craving for seafood, which then leads to a rash of fish bone related deaths? Would these villainous creatures give up pacts with Crowley and instead open up stores for fish?

Maybe all Sam and Dean would need to do to find witches was hit up the local fish market and look for questionable people buying fish in bulk.

Hey, I should see if I can get in touch with the writers and pitch the idea. They could totally tie sirens into it!

Supernatural: Under the Sea

That has a nice ring to it.

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