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Recently, the hast hag #amwriting has been trending on twitter. Although dyslexia can make writing a challenge for me, I still enjoy doing it.

One of the great commonalities those with learning differences/disabilities share is a tendency to think differently. We perceive the world through unique lenses, and as a result, turn to creative thought by default.

The thing is, we’re too often told we’re not “able” to do certain things, like writing well, understanding math, memorizing lines for a play or studying foreign languages. When you’re told something enough times from an early enough age, and when it’s backed up by failure with tasks everyone else seems to do with ease, it’s not surprising that you start to believe it.

It only adds on to the challenges around mastering those skills we need to develop in order to function in this wild world of ours.

As a result, seemingly simple things do seem impossible when you’re on that long road to understanding. No matter how hard you work, it doesn’t click. So, you keep at it. There will probably be tears along the way, along with anger and hopelessness, but still, you need to keep trying.

Then, eventually, you might just get it. You probably will, even if it takes a while. It won’t be easy, but once you can do the thing, it’s an incredible accomplishment.

I have primary/elementary school education in mind here, but it applies to challenges in adult life, too. The beauty of growing up, though, is having some measure of control over the skills you need to develop by virtue of choosing what it is you want to do in life.

Adult walls may be different from the ones you faced in childhood, but persistence will still break them down over time.

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