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In my seemingly eternal quest to get organized and figure out how to manage my time better, I’ve decided to give one of those old fashioned paper planners a try for scheduled writing things, like blog entries, deadlines and online articles.

Scheduling/planning apps and programs are ok for to-do lists and reminders of deadlines, but when it comes to some things, I just need something physical to handle.

So, since I had a balance left on my Amazon gift-card account, I thought I’d order a planner from there. After some hunting, I found what looked like a very nice booklet. It had a strap to hold it closed, a pen and a ribbon to open to the current week. I ordered it, and about a week later, this is what I got:

I had thought it was going to be quite a bit bigger. This thing fits in the palm of my hand.

Turns out, I overlooked the measurements in the title, which is hardly surprising, considering how meaningless numbers tend to be to me. To be fair, though, the pictures did make it look much bigger than it really is.

I guess it’ll still work. All that matters is that I have an easy way to write down blog ideas and assign them to days of the month, right?

Easy peesey, side of cheesy.

Except, my attempt at writing down blog ideas and listing them with days of the month on my white board completely backfired on me.

Oddly enough, writing dates requires number and letter sequences. We all know how great I am at those.

Once I got my little planner, I was left with a ridiculously messy white board, fictional words and a flagging patience with myself.

Amazingly enough, I was finally able to get everything filled in for the rest of February, assigned colors to each blog, hub and deadline for literary magazine.

So far, sort of so good. We’ll have to see how this pans out from here.

Oh, yes. Getting organized when your brain is naturally in a state of flux is always an adventure.

Now, then. Let’s see if I can get my head screwed on straight enough to actually get some work done, huh?

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