We’re a multi-cat household. I know, that sounds nightmarish for people with
allergies or a general dislike of kitties, but it’s home for us. Our three cats provide a huge amount of entertainment.

Our lazy cats – as cooperative as ever.

Generally, they get along pretty well, but sometimes, they get rather possessive. When they antagonize each other, it’s usually over a spot by the heating vent or a favorite place in the window. Sometimes, though, they do that over us humans.

One day, my husband was brushing our black cat, and our tuxedo kitty decided that was just not allowed.

ZOOM! Off they went, galloping into the kitchen and skittering over the linoleum. That big boy can move when the little one is on his heels.

Laughing, I commented, “Wow, he’s t…ter…tura…tutorial today?”

“Tutorial?” My husband glanced up at me.

“Um…” Yep, there went my brain. Words behaved the way our cats do as soon as a camera comes out – they refused to cooperate. “No?”

“You mean territorial?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. I mean, I suppose they could tell us how to cat if they really wanted to, but only after they figure their turf out.”

Much like the substitution padidamas made for pajamas, we now say tutorial instead of territorial.

Heaven help anyone who tries to understand the language my poor recall is slowly forming.

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