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So, apparently there was a big to-do about a sportsball event last Sunday.

This is not what I picture when I think of the
By CTLiotta (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia

Of course, I’m referring to the Superbowl. I’ve never been a big sports fan. In fact, I’ve never been any kind of sports fan, but the Superbowl holds a unique place in my life.


Without fail, instead of seeing “bowl” in the word, I see “bowel”, and I have to resist the immature giggling fit that comes on when I make that association.

My warped mind always conjures the idea of big, beefy bacteria playing a game of football in a spacious, you guessed it, large intestine. The winners get the nutrients, the losers?

Well, they get acquainted with the local sewer system rather quickly. Hey, at least they get to go to a potty first, right? One might say they end up rather pooped at the end.

You’ll understand why the hoopla around the Superbowel amuses me on a rather visceral level.

This entry’s really gone down the toilet, hasn’t it.

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