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In addition to sharing my personal story of living with dyslexia, I’d hoped to use this blog as a way to help make learning fun again. As a way to do that, I thought I’d share weekly products I’ve either enjoyed or see promise in.

You’ll find a link to the online store or the product itself in the left side bar throughout the coming week.

Being a bit of a biology nerd, I was immediately attracted to these guys. They’re plush dolls designed off of common (and some not so common) germs and cells in our bodies.

I’ve given them as gifts before and keep a white blood cell, who I’ve designated Immune System Lieutenant and named Larry the Leukocyte. Whenever I get sick, he gets ordered to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Best of all, he doesn’t talk back when I get whiny about not feeling good.

I think you can actually see his cousin in the link image above. Third row from the bottom, second one in.

Say hi to Larry.

In addition to being soft and whimsical, they offer a unique way to supplement classroom lessons and offer an introduction to various aspects of biology.

They come with an informational tag, and each listing on the web page offers tips on how they can be used in education. In addition to plushies, the company offers a small selection cleaning kits (I wouldn’t mind getting the common cold soap dispenser), putty and apparel.

If anything, they’re good for a laugh and reminder to wash your hands often.

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