HomedyslexiaGood News For Dyslexic Kids in Connecticut!
This state’s home to Old New-Gate Prison, but now
school hopefully won’t feel like that old place to
as many dyslexic kids.
by 5ju989nfhs50 at en.wikipedia
[GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, the state’s name will remain just as hard to spell as it has always been, but dyslexia has been designated a primary disability as of January 1st.

This means that new special education teachers in that state will be required to learn about dyslexia during their training. In turn, that will help increase the odds of getting better accommodations sooner for future students.

I don’t know if current teachers will be required to go through additional training or not, though.

Part of why so many schools try to avoid using the label dyslexia is because their teachers aren’t adequately trained in how to teach a dyslexic student. Considering dyslexia effects 15%-20% of the population, that’s just ridiculous. Teachers aren’t just likely to have a student gifted with this type of neurology, but it’s a guaranteed thing.

I hope other states will take a page from Connecticut’s book, though. If more students can get correctly identified sooner, they stand a much better chance of getting through their schooling more efficiently than others who came before them.

For now, though? Congrats, Connecticut! Here’s hoping this is the start of many great things.

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