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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt the need to do something with my hands while doing something inactive, like watching television or listening to music. I’m not entirely sure why, but otherwise, I tend to get bored and lose interest in whatever’s going on.

Usually, that involves knitting, crocheting or some other form of repetitive craft, but I’ll also play mindless cell phone games, too.

Recently, I beat every level of the one I had installed on my phone, so I deleted it, and downloaded a free word search game, Word Search Fun. Even though I’m searching for random words, it’s still mindless enough to let me pay attention to other things at the same time. Finding the words is actually rather soothing, because it’s less about spelling, and more about searching for patterns.

Relaxing as it is, my dyslexia does still sometimes make it a little difficult from time to time.

I tend to go word by word, and hunt for the first couple of letters of each one as I go. Looking at the whole list in the beginning does little more than overwhelm my brain.

On the puzzle before the one pictured, I searched for the word “Default”. I did my method, and made it through the puzzle twice. Nothing. Then, I tried looking at the puzzle without focusing on any single letter to see if the word would pop out at me.

That works sometimes. Even if it’s spelled backwards or from the bottom up, I can occasionally pick words out like that.


Frustration started setting in, which is a very good way of turning me off of a game, so I double checked the list. “Default” was nowhere to be found, but there were two words right next to each other with the letters that spell default in them.

Ah, yes. The old “make two words one” trick. Dyslexia, you’re a magician, aren’t you?

Where it a person, it would wear a top hat, three piece suit and carry a cane. The Magical Mistress Dyslexia specializes in changing characters into new configurations and laughing at the resulting chaos!

Huh. I wonder if DC’s Zatanna would play those tricks on people. Her spells are already words spoken backwards, after all.

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