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One of the perks of attending a wedding at the local science museum was the

opportunity to get free parking. They did this by setting out a bunch of free tickets once you got to the floor on which the wedding took place, and the only restriction was the need to get out of there by 9 am the next day.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around to do much dancing, since most people in my party were exhausted already, my brother had a bit too much to drink, and the chest area of my dress ended up being tighter than I thought it would be, which lead to breathing problems.

So, we grabbed a ticket, said our congratulationses and goodbyes, then hit the road. When we got to the booth, we found the machine turned off and the blockade bar lifted. The ticket was dated and had a serial number, so there was no chance it’d work later on, so, hey. We got a souvenir!

Anyway, once company left, and our house was ours again, I sat on the couch a little to decompress before cleaning. As I was attempting to read my book, I kept seeing the word “PlayStation” out of the corner of my eye.

PlayStation? We don’t have one of those…

I looked at the coffee table, and spotted the ticket from the Science Museum. Still, I read the first line as “PlayStation Instructions”.

I don’t remember seeing video games at the museum, much less at the parking ramp.

My brain must have been exceptionally fried, because it took a full five minutes for me to realize the word was “Paystation”.

Somehow, video games at the parking ramp don’t seem like the best idea.

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