HomedyslexiaThe Best Gift You Can Give

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going, even if whatever you’re working on is

If I recall correctly, I made this little beaded dragon
and satin bag in exchange for some artwork.
BTW, if you do bead-work, here’s the tutorial for the
dragon. It’s a little fiddly, but not too bad.

something you love to do. Will people like it? Is it any good? Will I pass? Will it work right?

When it comes to those of us with dyslexia, other forms of LD and other neurological makeups which impact our performance at school, it’s even harder to keep fighting. Those who don’t understand what’s really going on send us powerful messages that we’re failures, lazy and generally not worth the space we take up.

It’s almost impossible to keep depression at bay, especially when you’re alone in your struggles.

I spent a lot of time in that pit. I used fiction to escape, but I was afraid to share what I created for a long, long time. The positive reactions I received from complete strangers was stunning. More importantly, the support from friends and family kept me at it.

Of all the gifts I’ve been given, that interest in what I do and reinforcement of hard work are the most important. The support of those around me is what bolsters me in those moments of drowning.

It came in a lot of different forms, as well. One of my favorites is when fellow creative people want to corroborate with me. Often, that came in the form of joint story writing, though it has also been in the form of exchanging art of some kind, like a story or craft for an image.

Just as important, though, are kind comments and, once I was ready for it, constructive criticism.

So, would you like to give a lifelong gift to a neurodiverse person close to your heart? Take an interest in their passions, encourage them to keep going and offer them opportunities to showcase their skills. Stand with them when they flounder, because it will happen, and support them in their efforts.

That confidence boost and reaffirmation of worth will help them in all areas of their life.


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