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Last week gave me a lot to think about.

Take a few moments to really see the world around
you. You may be surprised at what comes from it.

My sister got married this weekend, so my brother, mom and step-dad stayed with us for most of last week. I try not to get into specifics about my family out of respect, but I’d like to say a tiny bit about my little brother.

He has an intellectual disability, formerly called mental retardation. He is a smart guy, and can express it well when given the chance to process the info he needs to. It’s just a matter of giving him the time he needs, and giving clear instructions when giving him tasks.

Unfortunately, most of today’s world doesn’t want to accommodate those needs. Patience and learning how to appreciate the world around us are both woefully overlooked in a life filled with deadlines, stress and the pressure to get as much done in as little time as possible.

I’ve fallen into that trap myself, and the way I treated people as a result suffered. I do feel bad for that, especially when those I love are the ones who suffered for it. I’m still not the most patient of people, but I do try to throttle unnecessary impatience when I notice it.

The ability to even sort of keep up with the type-A world of mainstream America is a luxury. I personally can’t flourish in fast paced environments, but I can usually keep up – just barely.

Folks with neurological make ups similar to my brother’s don’t necessarily have that ability. That makes getting a job hard, and a job that pays well almost impossible, especially without help.

As a result, that’s where the misconceptions of uselessness and being leaches on society come in. Those weaknesses are also monopolized upon by greedy, poor excuses for human beings.

I firmly believe everyone has a place in this world, and everyone can contribute in their own ways, even if they’re not in ‘work-place’ ways. That includes my brother and everyone who shares challenges like his.

He’s just as kind, hard working and worthy of respect as anyone else.

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