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It’s amazing how a change in the hubby’s schedule can completely destroy mine. Here’s hoping the passing of the holidays makes it a bit easier for me to focus on blogs and writing.

Part of why I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like is that I’m finally making some headway on my holiday gifts. Sure, most people do last minute shopping, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of last minute knitting.

Part of one gift, this year, has been mittens for a child in my life. Since I’m so insecure about sizing things, I decided to find a pattern online to follow.

Between my dyslexia and associated procedural issues, that doesn’t necessarily result in fast work.

When you make something like mittens, you need to do something called working in the round. This basically means that instead of knitting a single flat object, you knit a tube.

I made the first mitten, though since the pattern wasn’t very explicit, and I have trouble keeping track of steps, I discovered I’d rounded the pouch for the fingers too much.

So, I tried again with a second mitten. This time, I couldn’t seem to get it started for some reason. I somehow added or dropped stitches, so the count was constantly off. Since left and right are the same to me, I kept knitting in different directions, which resulted in all kinds of badness.

Eventually, I got the hang of it, though. When I followed the pattern, I discovered I didn’t like the result. In this case, my procedural mistake paid off in the end.

Now, I have a third mitten. I think I’ll turn it into a tree ornament for someone.

In this case, my learning disability has turned into an unintentional holiday gift!

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