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Last Friday, my mom, brother, step-dad and I attended the Groom’s Dinner for my youngest sister’s

Arr. Ye be warned. Carrocy be frowned upon in these
By nist6dh (The Bait) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via
Wikimedia Commons

wedding. The dinner had been held at an apple farm in a relatively rural community.

This time of year, it gets dark around 4:30 pm, so since the dinner was after 6, it was pitch dark out there. The GPS got us there, but we had the hardest time finding the place itself. The sign wasn’t lighted, and the buildings were hard to see from the road.

It was one of those places that was hard to find if you’d never been there before, but if you had been, it was easy to spot for future visits, like that island from Pirates of the Caribbean.

When at last we found it, I commented, “Hey, it’s like that island from Carro-” I cut myself off, since I knew my dyslexia was going to butcher the name of the movie.

My step-dad caught on immediately, though. “Carrots of the Pirabean?”

Oh, boy.

“Yep. They all have excellent eye sight,” I replied.

“I bet they all get juiced,” he commented. Have I mentioned my step-dad likes puns? ‘Cause he does. It’s pretty awesome.

Have you ever seen the show Veggie Tales? It’s this odd children’s show about anthropomorphized vegetables. Each episode is supposed to have some sort of moral or educational lesson. I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a full episode, but the clips I’ve seen have been full of some really odd shenanigans.

Carrots of the Pirabean brings an odd mix of that show and the Disney movies to mind.

Then again, they DID apparently make a pirate movie, so perhaps that has something to do with the carroty images dancing in my head, now.

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