HomedyslexiaNo, wait! That’s not what I meant to say!

I’ve been doing a huge amount of writing, this month. According to my NaNoWriMo page, I’ve written

The arrow keys on my keyboard signify my mind rather well.

25,809 words towards my goal of 50,000, plus there are my blogs and random e-mails.

Needless to say, November has been a very language heavy month for me. I think my brain is about ready to start leaking out of my ears.

The fatigue has started to show, too.

Today, I talked on the phone with a couple of family members about arrangements for Thanksgiving. My sister’s getting married that weekend, so family will be coming in from all corners of the country to visit. Like all families, ours has quite a bit of dysfunction thrown in, because why not?

During our conversation, I blurted this gem, “I just don’t want you to be comfortable!”

Oh, no. No, no, no. Not at all what I meant to say!

I hastily corrected myself, and I’m so glad they understood my language difficulties. I think I was trying to mix, “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable” with “I just want everyone to be comfortable.”

Something similar happened with my husband earlier this week, too. Since I have so many procedural issues, I need to write everything down when it comes to cooking. He loves his breaded cheese sticks fried in oil. I prefer them baked, so that’s how I prepare them for myself on the rare instance I have a craving for them. So, I had no idea of how to fry them, despite the fact I’d watched him do it many times.

He was having a rough day, so I asked him to tell me how to make them his way. I dutifully wrote each step down and followed them to the letter.

When I brought the finished food to where he was struggling with computer problems, he took a bite and said, “You did a very good job with them!”

“Yes, I did,” I replied.

“Well, you DID have a good teacher.”

“Yes, you did!”

He just stared at me until I realized what I said.

“I mean, yes, I did. I got confused.”

Once again, two responses got mixed up and melded together. “Yes, I did” and “Yes, you were” got together and had the awkward word baby, “Yes, you did”.

I suppose context really is everything. Oy. The language centers of my brain need a vacation.

Unfortunately, they won’t be getting one soon. I still have 2000 words to write before bed, plus an entry for Read, Write, Life and a gander at the sci-fi contest I’d like to enter by the 30th.

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