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In the US, today’s a day to pause and reflect upon what we’re grateful for in our lives, as well as spend time with friends, family and (hopefully) food.

Today, and all days, I’m profoundly grateful to have been given the opportunity to get a free education. I was able to learn about language arts, math and a plethora of other elective subjects. Being female, I’m doubly grateful, since in many parts of the world the fact I was born into a female body would have eliminated any possibility of an education.

The free part is extremely relevant, too. I’m the daughter of a first generation immegrant and an Army veteran. We weren’t exactly poor, but we weren’t well off enough to afford private schooling for all four of us, especially when medical expenses were taken into account.

I’m also thankful to have been able to attend public school after various disability rights measures had been put into effect. It’s also fortunate that I went to school in an area with very good disability remediation, in comparison to what else was available at the time.

I’m lucky.

However, not everyone is as fortunate. That’s why we must all continue advocating for ourselves and future generations. That’s why I plan on continuing to spread awareness of LD and developmental disability issues, while striving to learn about how to cause positive change in our world.

All children deserve the chances I was given, regardless of ability, race, income level, gender or anything else.

Most of all, I’m grateful to have the chance to give voice to my thoughts, spread information and keep learning more about others’ life experiences.

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