Homeadults with learning disabilitiesCan dyslexia be “cured” with a font?

Lately, another font aimed at making reading easier for dyslexics has been making the internet rounds. Or maybe it’s one of the two “new” ones that have been around for a few years, now.

In any case, I’ve seen quite a few people billing it as a “cure” for dyslexia. One of the channels I subscribe to on youtube, DNews even did a story on it.

If you watch the video, you’ll see just how misunderstood dyslexia still is. It’s far, far more than just letter and word reversals. A simple font may help a little, but there’s now way it can help with the associated difficulties dyslexic kids and adults face.

Furthermore, the idea that dyslexia is strictly a learning disability does nothing to rid us of the stigma associated with it.

It just goes to show that we need to keep speaking up and sharing the positive things that come with it, like creativity, unique problem solving abilities and people skills. We also need to continue highlighting how unique we are as individuals, and how far-reaching our talents can go.

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