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Since giving in to the urge to get a smart phone, I’ve been converted to the ways of technology.

High tech toys are great, but there’s still nothing quite like a
paper book.

Well, ok. Since printing my first (terrible) story on one of those horrendously loud daisy wheel printers, I’ve been converted to the ways of technology. The smart phone has just paid for itself repeatedly in terms of making my life easier in many ways I hadn’t expected it to.

Reading ebooks with the Kindle app, which gives me full control over background color, font size and type is so much easier than on my laptop, and when I want to listen to an audiobook, I can just play it on my phone as I do chores around the house or go on a run. The lists functions make things so much easier to remember, and the task calender has helped me manage my time a bit more effectively.

It has been worth the price. I’ve even been able to pay a third of what I have been on my phone bill by switching to Ting*. So hey, that’s always nice.

Suffice to say, I’m very impressed with the help available through tech these days. I’m now thinking about picking a tablet up, because the larger screen and available programs could make reading articles much easier. Some might make my fiction editing process a little less cumbersome, as well.

Even tech now seen as obsolete is still advanced enough to offer a huge amount of help to those of us with LD, at much more affordable prices than the brand new stuff.

That said, there’s still a huge amount of value in learning the basics, first. Reading traditional books, writing things by hand and learning how to use a dictionary are still valuable, since technology can break down, and those who can afford it now may not be able to afford it later.

Perhaps that makes me a bit old fashioned, but developing basic, non-high tech skills is an important start on the pathway to independence. When I think about it, writing is also an excellent way of honing the fine motor skills so many kids with LD struggle with.

As easy as it may be to get carried away with the new electronic tools available, there will always be a need for the good old paper and pencil.

*The link is a personal referral link. If you’re interested enough to sign up through said link, I’ll get an account credit, and you’ll get a discount, too. So far, it’s been a great provider, and if you get a phone that can hook up to wifi, you may be able to avoid paying for data altogether.

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