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I have no idea how some of the off the wall “National (insert thing here) Days” come about, but earlier this week, it was apparently National Dessert Day.

In my spare time, I’ll log into tumblr, which I happened to do that day. They celebrated by sticking a slice of cake by the logo, and programmed a set of random facts or jokes to show up when you hover your mouse over it.

I’ll chuckle at some, but most of them aren’t very memorable. Then, I came across this one.

“Butterscotch was invented 160 years ago in the township of Butter’s Crotch, MA.”


That can’t be right.

Butter’s what? I didn’t realize butter had one of those. I mean, sure, you can shape it into whatever you want to, but why would you name a town that?

Then, I read it again. “Butter’s COTCH”. Ah. That makes more sense. I think.

What in the world is a cotch?

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