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Are you ready for the trick-or-treaters? We are!

I kind of want to keep a bouncy ball for the cats to play with, and a glow in the dark ducky, ’cause it glows. And it’s a ducky.

If you still need to pick up goodies, why not grab a few toys for kids who can’t have candy?

Anyway. On to the weekly LD shenanigan story. Let’s see if I can tell it in a suitable Halloween style.

The sun had set long ago. Their soft, warm bed was beckoning, but the lone humans in the house remained awake.

She was trying to run warm water in the bathroom, as he readied himself for bed. No matter how long she let the water go, it would not warm up.

“Hon,” she called. “I think something’s wrong with the water heater.”

“What? No, way.” It was much too late to deal with that.

She sighed. “Yeah, look.” She turned on the tap. “It won’t warm up.”

Calmly, quietly, he turned off the tap. “I can fix this.” Without missing a beat, he turned the other nob.

The water finally ran warm!

Dyslexia strikes again.

There are days I wonder how I’m considered a functioning adult.

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