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I’m one of those people who always has more than one project going. There are always blog entries, of course, drafts for articles, crafts, the search for freelance gigs, and, most importantly to my long term goals, fictional stories.

I’ve been working on one for a while, and finally figured out what was the most wrong with it. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to rewrite most of it. Apparently, the last time I did anything with it, I was pretty exhausted, because when I opened it again recently, I saw this note right in the middle:

Of course, I know what it means, but I still shook my head when I saw it. I haven’t read over what I’ve written so far again, yet. Correcting spelling and grammatical errors always come after I’ve gotten the bones of the story down.

After years of writing in some shape or form, it’s almost funny how I still combine words like that. Right and write do sound the same, so why not put them together?

Hey, at least it’s actually a word!

It’s the name of a county here in Minnesota, a university, a surname and a word meaning “worker”.

So, there’s that.

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