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This hasn’t been the best week in terms of sleep for me. Monday and Tuesday night weren’t too bad, but Wednesday night was horrible, as was last night. My husband’s friend had dropped by unexpectedly the day before yesterday, and since they don’t see each other often, I tolerated the ‘music’ blasting its way up from the basement.

Finally, around midnight, I braced myself and went downstairs to tell them I was going to bed. My husband knows all about my over sensitive ears, and we’ve established a maximum volume for his speakers when I’m home, so as soon as he saw the light at the top of the stairs come on, he stopped playing.

Then, as is usually the case when that friend is over, my husband didn’t sleep that night, which meant I could only manage maybe an hour or two myself.

Thanks to that, Thursday was difficult. Tension originally from the prolonged noise had built in my neck, and was starting to extend down into my shoulders. Dyslexia, like many types of divergent conditions, tends to rear its disability side when I’m tired or in pain. By about noon, I gave up on my attempts to write, and set to chores.

One task was to pay a few bills. I still write out checks, since it’s easier for me to manage that sort of thing when I can handle something more tactile than a keyboard. Of course, it still has its pitfalls.

The math side of my disability has kicked in before, resulting in an overpayment of one bill back when I was working two jobs. I had wondered why our bank account had gone down more than expected, but I didn’t spot the discrepancy in numbers until a balance of $0.00 showed up on the next month’s bill. We didn’t have to pay for the next couple of months, either. It’s impressive how much difference a few jumbled numbers can make.

Anyway, after that incident, I’m much more careful about what I write down. I double and triple checked the numbers, yesterday. All was good, so I slipped the stubs with checks into the envelopes that came with the bills, sealed them and moved on.

It wasn’t until I broke out the stamps that I realized the balance of one bill was showing through the address window. A second envelope showed our address instead of where the letter was supposed to be going.

At first, I thought the two companies had somehow sent the wrong envelopes, because I always tuck the bill into the flap before writing out the checks, just to make sure its easier for me to keep track of everything. I guess I had reversed the envelopes between the two bills without realizing it.

I’m a halfway intelligent person, right? Never mind the fact I’d been mistaking the meaning of remains, as in “a corpse”, with remains, as in “continuing to be” all day.

Maybe my dyslexia’s not at fault. Maybe there’s actually a conspiracy between bill companies and homonyms to drive me to distraction.

I bet Bill’s the one behind it.

Honestly, he could at least get me some more coffee and maybe a massage. I’m still pretty wiped out, and the knotted muscles I’d mentioned before didn’t help my sleep last night.

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