Most people think dyslexia only impacts reading and spelling. Granted, it does, but it goes further than those two areas. One of the problems it brings up is that of word recall and actually piecing thoughts together. Those two issues are what have been driving me to distraction today.

Why did I think going into writing as an occupation would be a good idea?

It’s just so frustrating. I have been trying, too.

I now have something like five drafts between this blog and Read, Write, Life. Plus, I have pictures to edit for a how-to entry on my craft blog, Random and Crafty. So, I have been somewhat productive, even if I do now have quite a bit of editing work to do tomorrow.

I’m still disappointed in myself, though. I didn’t work on the short story I’m hoping to get published one of these days, or any of the other projects I’d wanted to work on today. Now, I’m so tired and annoyed with myself that I know pushing myself will just make matters worse.

As many gifts as dyslexia gives me, days like today make me wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have to struggle with the pitfalls that come with it.

This is when I should look back at how far I’ve come. And when I say “look back”, I mean very far back.

One of my grade school papers. I’m a little surprised I’d only spelt Halloween in two different ways instead of three.

My cursive handwriting hasn’t changed much, which is actually rather entertaining, but my spelling has improved. Writing in general has gotten quite a bit easier, and I have seen some success on a professional level, so far.

Days like today are temporary setbacks. I need to remind myself that I am only human, and just as flawed as everyone else.

I may not have met my self imposed goals for the day today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try again tomorrow.

As for now? Tea is in order. Maybe I’ll try getting some reading done before bed, too.

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