HomedebateWhere the Debate Should Come into Dyslexia

I’ve been a bit behind on keeping up with my YouTube subscriptions. Y’know, it happens. While I enjoy watching videos on the ‘net, it’s not exactly a priority.

Today, I got caught up. The one below caught my attention, considering the topic of diagnosis denial came up earlier this week. The presenter explains a little bit about the history of dyslexia, the current research going on and a little about the debate around it. It’s just under 20 minutes long, and if you don’t mind a little background noise, it’s pretty interesting.

Dr. Wolf had read the book, The Dyslexia Debate, which she countered with this presentation. I haven’t read it yet, and probably won’t until it either goes down dramatically in price or our library picks it up.

Anyway, she and I both agree that the diagnosis of dyslexia should not go away, but there are aspects of how our world handles those of use with dyslexia that should be. Those areas are, of course, primarily in schooling, but it enters the workplace and how it works, as well.

I personally do not feel there needs to be a “cure” for dyslexia. It’s not a disease, and shouldn’t be treated as such, but I do feel it needs to be better understood. A deeper understanding of how our brains work, how underlying genetics factor into it and what environmental elements effect its development will all go a long way towards easing the suffering of many dyslexic children. It would also help more people with dyslexia live their lives to their maximum potential.

Much like reading, everything that goes into giving all dyslexic students the best education possible is complicated. Our social structure, the schools, political climates, income levels, gender and all sorts of other things play into the issue.

The only way to start combating the blocks currently in place is to learn about them and then figure out ways to remove them.

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