HomemathThese Folks Are Making Math Fun

To be fair, I can’t remember my early math classes, but I do remember about the majority of math classes is of being frustrating, confusing or just plain boring.

There was one class, however, that stuck with me. We made artwork by sticking straight pins in a cork board and twining slender cords around them. This was a long, long time ago now, but I think we were learning about something advanced in relation to fractions. Obviously, the lesson didn’t stick, mostly because I probably haven’t had to use the concepts at all since then.

What did stick with me from that lesson, however, is that math doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be a lot of fun, when taught with creativity. Here are some examples of entertaining teaching methods.

Music is almost always a good way to go, especially when the teacher has some rhythm.

These are fantastic examples of multi sensory teaching in early math classes. The majority of the materials involved can also be easily made by hand at a relatively low cost, too.

eHow has quite a few great videos on many subjects, but this is the first one I’ve seen from them about college math. When I first looked at the problem, my eyes glazed over, since it’s been a blessedly long time since I’ve had to take a college math class, but the visualization of suitcases, and breaking the process down into steps, did bring some concepts back.

What are some of your favorite ways of teaching and learning math?

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