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Behold: The week of belated prompts! Better late than never, right?

Yesterday’s BlogHer prompt was “Is there anything good that comes from forgetting?”

I think that probably depends on what it is you’ve forgotten. If you’ve forgotten a $20 bill in your winter coat, you probably had a pleasant surprise the next time you put it on. I get a thrill out of receiving a package I’d forgotten about requesting before.

Of course, forgetting about appointments, bills or other essential things can be recipes for disaster.

In school, one of the things on my IEP was “Poor short term memory”, which made life very difficult for me back then. Sometimes it does today, but if I didn’t have that deficit, I wouldn’t have needed to develop the organizational skills I have now.

I don’t think I’d have quite as much empathy for those who face similar challenges or that I would be able to share what works for me with them.

So, in a round about way, I’d say that yes. Many good things can come from forgetting.

Oh, and before I forget (see what I did there?) check out this interesting video from Crash Course, in which Hank Green tells us how remembering and forgetting works from a psychological standpoint.

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