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Something I’ve always struggled with is poor planning. Even when I have the best of plans lain out in my head, I still have a hard time getting them done, unless I record them physically.

This month’s theme for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo is “Mnemonic”, and it seems geared towards memories. Since that’s a huge problem for dyslexics and others in the world of neurodiversity, I figured I’d do just one more month of daily posting.

I might even post every day this month. I didn’t do a very good job of it last month. Anyway, every Monday this month, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks I’ve picked up through my life for helping me with short term memory, along with some new methods I’m trying.

I haven’t thought of a catchy name for this little mini-series, though. Memory Monday, maybe, but that sounds a little too sentimental for what I’m planning.

Ah well.

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well! I leave you with a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Crash Course. Hank Green (brother of John Green, for The Fault In Our Stars fans), talks about the different types of memory we use and a little bit about how information processing works.


On Deck for August, Plus a Nifty Video About Memory — 4 Comments

  1. I love The Vlogbrothers! Crash Course is awesome. I recently went to see Hank Green on tour. I had so much fun! Good luck staying on track this month. ~ Lil

  2. I do, too! They're so cool. Lucky you for getting to see Hank on tour! He seems like he'd put on a good live show. Thank you! I'll do my best.

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