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Today’s BlogHer prompt is “How do you remember blog posts you want to write until you’re ready to sit down at the computer? Do you have a system in place, why or why not?”

This is something I think every creative person struggles with from time to time. When it comes to fiction, I’ll record sudden ideas in a file with my phone or write them in a small notepad. Then, I just free write, before continuing on to refining and editing the piece. Outlines have never worked for me, for whatever reason.

Blogging, however, is a little different. True, part of it comes from the creative stores of my imagination, but most of my style for this blog comes from research and recalling past experiences. Random ideas for blog entries rarely occur. Instead, I get them from articles I happen to see, current events or entries by other people.

 I actually run two other blogs, as well, Random and Crafty, which is my DIY/craft blog and Read, Write, Life, which is dedicated to creative writing, reading and life in general. Entries for the craft blog come in the form of tutorials, tutorial reviews, art/craft appreciation and assorted other craft related topics.

Read, Write, Life is pulled primarily from my every day life and books I currently read. I also take part in a weekly fiction exercise, as well as word association on Mondays.

However, I do keep a loose weekly schedule for all three of them.

When I’m not taking part in that month’s NaBloPoMo, my weekends are left free. I’ve found writing the loose prompts for each day does help me keep ideas flowing more easily. It also allows me the freedom to change the schedule, should I need to.

On the days my dyslexia interferes to the point of being unable to write decently, I can reschedule the idea for a future day, and do something easier, so I can do whatever I need to for my dyslexia to calm down.

So far, this system has been working for me, though I may make some changes as time passes.

When it comes to these kinds of organizational issues, I’ve found it’s important to allow enough flexibility for change. Structure is important, but life tends to be unpredictable enough that schedules can get forgotten.

Organization in general can be pretty tricky, but everyone can usually find a method that works for them with enough experimentation.

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