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The existence of ghosts is
up for debate. The existence
of neurodiversity is not.
Howard Pyle [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons

I refuse to debate with anyone about whether or not certain types of neurological make-ups exist or not. My dyslexia is real, as is the autism friends and children of friends have. I have no doubt that ADHD is also real, though I do question whether it’s over diagnosed or not.

You are, of course, welcome to your own opinion. The only person’s mind I can realistically change is my own, so I will not debate on the validity of these very real experiences. I’ve heard it all before, as have the majority of people who live with invisible disabilities/differences.

As long as there are families and people struggling with symptoms and facing the consequences of the lack of resources, I’m not going to question the basic diagnosis they’re working off of.

Yes, I realize there’s a problem with misdiagnosis and over-medication. That’s where behavioral observation, journaling, and study come in. Personally, I feel medication should be a last resort, and parents should thoroughly research drugs before giving them to their kids.

Again, that’s just my opinion, though I may expand upon that in a later entry. I am fully aware of the poor practices behind FDA approval, the carelessness behind writing certain prescriptions and the horrific effects most of these drugs can have on the body. I also know from the experiences of loved ones just how useful the right medications are in managing symptoms on a short term basis while longer term solutions are found.

In the end, these families are the ones who must do what they think is best. They’re the ones who must gather as much good, unbiased information as possible. They’re already facing daily judgement, denials, conflicting advice and a huge amount of pressure no one else can ever fully understand.

They need support, options and access to useful resources, not strangers forcing their points of views on them.


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