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I blame YOU, ragweed. It’s all YOUR fault.
(My pic, originally used here.)

One of our local grocery stores has a rewards program. Every time you spend a certain amount of money, you get a certain amount off at a local gas station. I guess you could technically get a free tank of gas, but we don’t spend enough to get any huge savings on it.

However, another part of the program is an ability to load virtual coupons onto the card. In order to do that, you need to log on to the store’s web page and select whatever you want to save on.

Before I headed out to the store, I decided to do just that. I mean, hey, who am I to turn up the opportunity to save a couple of bucks?

So, I log on. Or try to.

Nope. Wrong password. Already knowing I wasn’t going to remember the thing, I send a request to change it.

Long story short, I had to change it three times before it actually stuck in my head long enough to let me log on. THREE. TIMES.

I’m blaming the hay fever for aggrivating my already rotten short term memory. Ragweed is evil.

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