HomedancerToday’s National Dance Day

One of my many (slightly) guilty pleasures is watching the show, So You Think You Can Dance. The highlighted stories are so interesting, and the dancing is such fun. It’s amazing the talent out there.

That’s where I heard about the whole National Dance Day thing. Apparently, there will big flash mobs in a couple of bigger cities in the US, and everyone’s encouraged to do some dance.

So, in its honor, I thought I’d feature a fun routine from another show, which I don’t watch, Dancing With the Stars. I’m not a big celeb person, but in my search for a well known dancer who’s also part of the neurodiversity community, I stumbled upon the name Karina Smirnoff.

She’s a Ukrainian born ballroom dancer who has won numerous championships in various competitions, including the US National Danceport and UK Open. She was also diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, at which time she was able to get the help she needed to manage the negative symptoms she’d struggled with her entire life.

From the little I’ve seen, she strikes me as a very impressive dancer, but I’m no pro myself. Regardless, check out this fun free-style routine she and her partner, Corbin Bleu, put together in homage to Michael Jackson.

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