HomedyslexiaMemory? What memory?

This has been a bad week when it comes to short term memory.

The Case of the Missing Brace

Ninja brace hanging out with some galactic hitchhikers.

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I’m not surprised, considering I’ve dealt with tendinitis in my wrists for years, but with that diagnosis came the need for a better brace.

So, after the doctor’s appointment, I went out and got one with a metal piece that keeps my hand and wrist straight. I wear it when typing, and sometimes around the house, but I need to take it off when doing anything with liquids.

Earlier this week, I had to go between the computer and some chores that involved water and other cleaning materials. Every time I got up, I’d take the brace off, do whatever it is I needed to do, and then…

Search for the brace. How did I keep losing it? Most tasks didn’t take me that long. I swear, the brace hid from me purposely. It couldn’t have anything to do with inattentiveness or disorganization.

Nope, not at all.

Key Scare
We live within about five miles of most stores we shop at, so when I run errands, it’s usually on foot. Yesterday, I packed a couple of reusable bags in my backpack, double, then triple checked that I had my keys and other essentials, like the wallet, and then headed out.

I thought I was doing pretty well! My grocery list was complete, I’d examined sales beforehand, checked out prices when I got there and picked up everything I needed. As I was waiting for the checker to finish ringing me up, I consciously thought, “Ok, I’ll be pretty worn out when I get to my front door, so I should put my keys somewhere I can access them easily.”

I stowed the keys, paid, packed the bags and lugged them home. By the time I got to the door, I checked the pocket I usually put my keys in.

They weren’t there.

Oh, no. I didn’t leave them at the store did I?

I checked again. They STILL weren’t there.

Not good. I have frozen foods! Even though the bag I put them in was insulated, I was pretty sure they’d thaw if I had to walk the two plus miles back to the store, talk to the manager, search for the keys and walk back again.

Hoping that wouldn’t happen, I pulled the other zippers open and searched the rest of the bag.

After some desperate groping, I found them, crammed into a far corner of the second largest pocket.

So much for accessible. I could have done without the adrenalin spike, but I did laugh at myself. Classic Em shenanigans.

Mail Surprise!
At the end of last year, or the beginning of this year, a friend of mine got word that a publisher picked up a book of her poetry, Undoing Winter. Once it was available for pre-order, I ordered a copy. It’s due any day now, so when I checked the mail today and found a book-sized package with my name on it, I got excited.

Sweet! My buddy’s book has arrived!

Nope. I got all kinds of confused when I pulled this out –

At least both covers feature snow and trees.

The Antigonish Review? What?

It took me a few minutes to realize I’d ordered a sample of this publication last week to see if my fiction would fit. How’s that for short term memory fail?

As the saying goes, I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on so tightly.

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