Homeadults with learning disabilitiesI’ll just call them “technical terms” from now on.
These clouds were from the ride in. The sky was amazing
on the way back, but there were too many dead bugs
on the windshield to get decent pictures.

I spent most of this week either wandering around the north shore of Lake Superior, preparing for the trip, or on the road. We go every year, and somehow we always end up hiking over ten miles over the course of two days.

This year, we had a rocky start. The morning of the road trip started with exploded cans of soda, one of which burst all over me shortly after my shower, an untimely visit from Aunt Flow and assorted other issues. The overall trip was still fun, though I did feel pretty horrible for most of it.

By the time Thursday rolled around, we received word that a storm system was due to hit the area just as we would be packing up on Friday morning. So, we ended up leaving early. It was unfortunate, but at least we didn’t have to hobble around in the rain. Here’s hoping for a better time next year.

On the ride back, we were both a bit punchy. We had both spent two days hiking, and we were feeling it. Word recall wasn’t my friend.

As we drove along the highway, a truck hauling an exceptionally beat up car rolled on by.

“Hey, check out the uh…” My brain stalled. “…um…highway…wrecked…road…device…thing. Remember when we went to that thing? With the cars? And the crashes? And the watching them get beat up?”

My amazingly patient hubby glanced over at me with a smirk. “You mean the demolition derby?”

“Yes! That!”

It’s probably a good thing I’m not responsible for naming those types of events. Marshmallows got turned into mushrooms several times during our trip, too.

Ah, words. You just love messing with my dyslexic brain, don’t you?


I’ll just call them “technical terms” from now on. — 2 Comments

  1. I've had those times and moments, too. Even worse when you can't remember people's names, the ones you should know. You resort to, hey, what's your name? 🙂


  2. Oh, the name thing gets me every time! It's super embarassing when I've known the person for years and lose their name. Glad I'm not alone in the experience, at least. 🙂

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