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June is apparently migraine and headache awareness month. I had no idea that was even a thing, but Thursday Thirteen seems like a good opportunity to share some facts about migraine headaches.

My favorite view when dealing
with a migraine.

1. People with sensory perception disorder (SPD) may be more likely to get migraines due to the fact they’re more easily overloaded with sensory information.

2. Migraine triggers can be hard to decipher, because they’re often so vague. They can be triggered by changes in the weather, certain foods, older fluorescent lights, hormonal imbalances (including birth control), and even medication used to treat headaches. There are many other possible triggers, as

3. Migraines are more than an excruciating headache. They’re often accompanied by things like numbness or tingling in the face, head and hands, extreme sensitivity to sensory input, hallucinations, nausea, dizziness and assorted other unpleasant symptoms.

4. Some migraines can be bad enough to leave scarring on the brain.

5. Even after the migraine passes, suffers may experience something called a migraine hangover. It feels a great deal like an alcohol hang over, but with some mild, lingering symptoms from the headache. Many sufferers need to be careful about pushing themselves during this period of time, because another migraine can be easily triggered.

6. A migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

7. While the risk is still very low, long lasting, frequent migraines may increase a person’s risk of stroke. Some types of hormonal therapy and birth control may further raise the risk. If this worries you, talk to your doctor about your specific situation.

8. One of the warning signs of an oncoming migraine are flashing lights or seeing aura-like lights around people and objects.

9. While men can also get migraines, women are more likely to suffer from them.

10. The symptoms of migraines are caused by a widening of the main artery running under the skin of the temples. When that artery widens, the body releases chemicals which causes inflammation and more pain.

11. An improperly aligned neck may be the root cause of some migraines. In my case, I started getting frequent migraines because of a secondary curve in my neck from the mild scoliosis in my upper back. Chiropractic care helped immensely.

12. Around 12% of Americans suffer from migraines, though that figure may be higher, as migraine is often misdiagnosed as sinus or tension headaches.

13.  While not all migraines require medical attention, if they last longer than 72 hours, the symptoms ore more severe or different than what you’ve experienced before, or it doesn’t respond to treatments that have worked in the past, it’s time to seek medical care.

When it comes to treating a current migraine headache, the best idea is to administer whatever pain medication the individual uses, let them rest in a dark, quiet room, and make sure they have plenty of water to drink.

If someone you knows suffers from migraines, please be kind to them, and respect any need they have to be left alone during a headache. If you suffer from migraines, be kind to yourself, and give your body the chance to recuperate.

They’re no fun, but with enough awareness, they can be prevented and treated.

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