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As a way to get to know more bloggers and promote the three blogs I’m concentrating on right now, I’m doing community building exercises called “link ups” or “linky” for each of them.

For this one, I’ll be doing Thursday Thirteen, in which I list thirteen things relevant to the week, whatever topic is at hand or whatever other prompt I might come across.

Since this week has been a bit on the rough side for me, I’m choosing 13 things that have helped me get through it.

Yep, very helpful things.

1. The new wrist brace and carpal tunnel exercises sheet the doctor sent me home with. It’s amazing how effective those two things have been in bringing pain levels down, plus almost completely eradicating the tingling in my fingers.

2. My wonderful, supportive friends and family. You’re all awesome, both online and off.

3. Living in this country at this time. There are huge problems facing the world, but after learning about how I would have been treated in eras past, and what I would have experienced in some other countries, I’m very grateful for the opportunities I have now. Being female would have been bad enough, but being learning disabled would have been the icing on the misery cake.

4. Technology. Assistive technology alone is of immense help, but the internet in particular has been a wonderful way of connecting with the rest of the world.

5. Being at the point I am with my dyslexia. I still have problems, but they’re not as hard to deal with as they had been in the past.

6. Our kitties. The fur balls are a constant source of entertainment and comfort.

7. Nice weather. It’s been absolutely beautiful out there this week.

8. Our air purifier. It help circulate the air and cleans it at the same time. My sinuses and lungs are very happy with that machine.

9. Online support groups and blogging networks. I’ve been very lucky to find quite a few great ones, and it’s always lovely to meet people with similar challenges to my own.

10. As goofy as this may sound – adorable youtube videos. I know, I know, they’re all over the place, and it’s a silly thing, but the levity has been sorely needed.

11. Being in a position in which I can work from home. If I can find an organization into which I fit, I may eventually work out of the house part time, but for now, making my own schedule, finding my own motivation and managing my own environment has done me a world of good. It was a massive struggle to get to this point, but it was worth it.

No to meet some more goals.

12. Season 3 of Sherlock finally hit Netflix! C’mon, you should all know I have some distinctive geek tendencies by now.

13. Spell check. I don’t know, would that go under technology? Well, either way, it still gets the 13 spot. I’d have so much more problems with writing if I couldn’t use that program.

What are 13 things you’re grateful for? Feel free to join me with doing this linky, if you’d like to share them on your blog!

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Thursday Thirteen – Gratitude Edition — 12 Comments

  1. Yeah, cats are good. Kittens are especially tender. YUM.
    (Just kidding. I thought all this happy-happy-joy-joy could use a little dose of dark. Cal me Curmudgeon.)

  2. Tender yes, but that fur sticks in the teeth like you wouldn't believe.

    Dark is ok. I just feel like being lighter now, because I've been writing mostly about rough topics, dealing with health issues and assorted other difficulties this week. It's how I keep my tendency towards depression at bay.

  3. Great post, Emilie — and hey, spell check totally deserves its own spot in the list. If only more people would use it! ☺

  4. Agreed! That's why it's a good thing to sit down and think of what we have going from us from time to time. You're very welcome, and I hope your weekend goes well!

  5. Thank you! Hah! I know what you mean! 🙂 Only problem I have with it is how it won't catch when I use the WRONG word.

    Oh, English Language…

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