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I’m lucky to live in a place full of parks and trees. For the faults this area has, its abundance of peaceful outdoor spaces makes up for them.

My lunchtime view. You can kind of see some of the flooding
we’re dealing with out here.

Today, I had my yearly physical. I’m healthy, outside of a few mild chronic issues, but between the fasting beforehand and the general stress around getting things done, I wanted to find a nice place to take my first (late, late) meal of the day.

This morning, I had a very hard time reading or putting words together. My stomach wasn’t happy with me, I was tired from lack of calories and I was feeling the stress of wanting to get stuff done, but being unable to.

After I got out of the doctor’s office and finished picking up the things she suggested, along with a tasty chicken/cranberry and walnut sandwich, apple and mango-orange juice, from the store next door, I set out for a peaceful spot in which to recharge.

As much as I advocate for taking breaks, I’m terrible at taking my own advice. After spending weeks on end worrying about writing, promoting, housecleaning and maintaining my health, I was starting to feel the effects of burnout.

I only sat out there for maybe twenty minutes, but when I started my trek home, I felt a thousand times better. I’m sure the food had a huge role in that, but the chance to sit quietly with no demands was so therapeutic.

That’s one of the blessings I feel dyslexia gives me. When I get overwhelmed to the point of being unable to do even simple things, I know it’s time for a break. I may not want to take it, but I don’t have much choice in the matter. After the break, especially if it’s someplace quiet and full of sunshine, I feel wonderful.

Although I’m still relatively young, I’ve noticed that the terrible lows my weaknesses give me only emphasize the highs my strengths bring in the end.

I don’t know if that’s something others experience, but it is something I’ve learned to treasure.

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