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Most of the western world takes our easy access to clothing for advantage. That only dawned on me when I started learning how to sew a long time ago, and my appreciation for pre-made clothing has only increased since then.

I’m trying not to!
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That said, I still work on that skill on occasion. Like with all things, my challenges with dyslexia get in the way with some aspects of that. Usually, it involves interpreting patterns, getting measurements right, and that type of thing, but this time, it was the machine that gave me issues.

While making the above cell phone pouch, my machine kept jamming. Instead of wrecking the fabric by trying to push along, I turned the machine off and tried some trouble shooting. I figured it needed a little cleaning, so I’d remove the fuzz and get on with it.

If you’ve ever needed to take apart a sewing machine, you’ll know there are lots of little parts. I only removed the plate covering where the bobbin goes, the little plastic window, and the apparatus that holds the bobbin. Easy enough, right?

There wasn’t a whole lot of lint built up, but I removed the majority of it, started to put the machine back together and promptly…confused myself.

There’s something missing, here…

The bobbin wouldn’t fit correctly. Why wasn’t it sitting right?

Oh, yeah, there was a middle step between lint removal and plate replacement.


I tend to get fouled up in these types of tasks, because I have the final job clearly in mind, and the middle steps just evaporate as I’m trying to complete the job.

Then I get confused.

And frustrated.

And THEN I fix the problem, but feel rather silly when doing it. Stupid mistakes don’t make me feel much like a capable adult.

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