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Today’s prompt from BlogHer is “How often do you eat a meal from a restaurant? How do you decide
when to cook or when to eat out?”

Very neat old menu, but I’d
be completely lost if I had to
order from it. What in the world
is “John Bull sauce” and
“Madeira Do do”?

The short answer for me is “Not often”, and “depends on the situation”. We usually only eat out when we’re with family or out of town friends. Sometimes, we’ll go out for a date, a special occasion or just for a change of pace.

All told, we probably only eat out one to three times a month, if that.

It gets too expensive, but I also have trouble reading many of the menus. Some of the challenges involved in eating out isn’t something most people think about when it comes to dyslexia. I read at a more or less average rate, and my comprehension is usually pretty decent, but when you introduce strange fonts or small text?

That’s still a problem. Sometimes I ask for help, but usually I can muddle my way through.

Then comes time to order. I know the usual signal that diners are ready to order are closed menus, but thanks to my short term memory issues, mine usually stays open, so I can refer back to the item, or point to it if I can’t figure out how to pronounce it correctly.

It’s a little embarrassing when I’m out with people I don’t know well, but that’s life. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s not a big deal.

If someone feels the need to judge me on how I order my food, that’s their problem. There are more important things in life to stress about.


The Hazards of Eating Out — 2 Comments

  1. Menus can be overwhelming! For me – the issue is not being able to see the menu in the dim lighting of a restaurant, when I forget my reading glasses!

  2. Oh yes, the lighting thing adds to it! Same with reading glasses. Hopefully, the food makes the effort worth it, at least. 🙂

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