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Who would have thought pineapple would go so well with oatmeal? I didn’t until I tried it today. My taste buds approve. My stomach? Not so much. I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker when it comes to food. Sadly, I can’t be quite as adventuresome as I used to be, now that I know about some food allergies and some ongoing stomach problems.

Originally, I was going to use that as a lead into an entry about dyslexia and taking risks, but as I did my research, I found so rather odd questions regarding dyslexia. Here’s one:

No matter how hard I try, I cannot figure out what the connection is between dyslexia and amenorrhea (lack of menstruation). For the record, I’d imagine not having a period is a bit more common than dyslexia, since if you’re born with a uterus, you spend a good part of your life without menstruating.

Well, I guess the connection between being cross eyed and dyslexic works off the idea that dyslexia is a strictly visual problem, but it’s still a strange question. Apparently, this was asked by some comedian somewhere along the line. Guess it’s just not my type of humor.

I wish I had thought to get a screen shot of it when I saw it, but I’ve also seen a question along the lines of, “Does dyslexia effect your choice in romantic partners?” That one just strikes me as odd.

Unless there’s some deep psychological process that I don’t realize is going on, I don’t think my dyslexia has ever effected who I’m attracted to. I’m still puzzled about why people are so obsessed over who wants to be with whom, anyway.

Other dyslexic adults and teens? Does your dyslexia impact who you like?

The last one that I can think of off the top of my head is when someone compared dyslexia to cancer. I saw the comment and had to read it over a few times to see if I was seeing it correctly. I think they were trying to say that since dyslexic symptoms aren’t always the same, it’s like when cancer goes into remission? I don’t really know what they were trying to get at.

Out of curiosity, I did a little research to see if anyone tried connecting dyslexia to cancer. I couldn’t find any studies about that, but I did find this article about about a study linking dyslexia to musical inability turned. There was no connection. On the surface, that might seem odd, but it was prompted by the lack of benefit many dyslexics got from musical therapy. I suppose it makes sense.

As entertaining or confusing some of these questions are, they speak to a fundamental misunderstanding of what dyslexia is, and how it effects those who have it.

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