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Today’s prompt from BlogHer is “What do you do to nourish your soul when you feel emotionally depleted?”

You’d think he’d be uncomfortable, but his eyes were
closed with contentment just before this picture was snapped.

This is a big issue for everyone, but it gets more acute when you’re already struggling with the basics. When I was younger, and struggling with the effects of my dyslexia more than I am now, I used to escape into fictional worlds.

Comics, fantasy novels, certain tv shows, you name it. They gave me a break from the pressures eating away at me. I was a daydreamer, too. I’d go on long walks and epic story lines would play out in my head as I strolled along.

Summer sun dappling the earth became patches of lava to avoid in true Indiana Jones style. Early spring ice crusts at the edges of the path became delightfully crunchy foes. Winter snow became ice fairies dancing in the wind. Squirrels readying themselves in autumn became pirates digging holes for their stolen booty.

I still do these things to a degree, though now I write down some of my daydreams and turn them into short stories.

I’ve added a few coping mechanisms, too, since I don’t always want to interact with people when I leave the house. Cuddling helps, whether it’s with my kitties or my hubby. I also knit or crochet simple patterns, make jewelry, research a subject that interests me, work on a new skill or clean my home.

I know cleaning is a common stress buster, but it still strikes me as an odd way to relax. It works, though. That must have something to do with the sense of accomplishment and the sight of a neat area. I also get a sort of light, happy feeling when I’m done cleaning.

Well, I should exclude the “doing dishes” part of cleaning, because the sink will be full again before I know it. That area of housework is more like a never ending cycle of annoyance.

“Oh, you’ve finished with us? WRONG! WE’RE BACK AGAIN! MWAHAHAHA!”

I think my dishes are out to get me.

Maniacal crockery aside, I need a number of different options to nourish my soul when I’m feeling drained. What do you do?


Some Favorite (and Surprising) Stress Relief Techniques — 2 Comments

  1. Cleaning the house seems to be effective in relieving stress.
    Your comment on doing the dishes makes me smile,– which reminds me that smiling and laughing are also effective 'stress relief techniques.' In fact, I have heard of a number of groups where they are incorporating laughter in their therapies.

  2. 🙂

    Laughing and smiling are definately good stress relief! I'm sure that's why dark humor is so common in high stress jobs, like certain medical professions.

    I've heard about laughter incorporation in therapy, too. I believe there's a whole group of techniques called Laugh Therapy, though I don't know much about it.

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