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That’s me! Short, because I’m under 5’4″ and sweet, because mosquitoes love me.

Anyway, today, I’m learning about vlogging and video editing. Why’s that?

Because I’m expanding to youtube! Yep, I’ll be making videos for this blog, too.

I will definitely be making “Ask the dyslexic” style videos, in which I’ll answer questions related to dyslexia and whatnot that I receive via various social media outlets. Once I get better with video editing, I’ll send out a request for questions.

I’ll also accept questions about other issues related to neurodiversity, but since I’ve lived with dyslexia for so long, that’s the topic I’m most comfortable speaking about.

I also plan on demonstrating various ways I deal with my symptoms, and maybe do interviews, if anyone is interested in that.

So, if you’re in the US, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, honor our fallen in whatever way you see best, and thank the veterans in your life. If you’re not, enjoy your weekend, and Monday!

To liven up the entry, here are some pictures of flowers around my home from this morning.

Apple blossoms.
Ground ivy. Sure, it’s looked at as a weed, but I’ve always thought it was pretty. The leaves smell nice, too.


Short and sweet! — 2 Comments

  1. Love lilacs! Reminds me of my childhood. We had a wall of lilacs and there aroma always reminded me of spring and the approaching summer.
    Thanks for sharing

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