I love Pinterest. The visual organizational system they have works wonderfully with my dyslexic brain, the content can be anything I want it to be, and it always gives ideas for crafts, recipes or topics of research every time I go on there.

It’s not unheard for me to spend hours on there, just drifting around boards and looking at stuff. That means I always need to restrict how much I check the site, because I have other obligations to take care of.

One of their notification options is to send a weekly e-mail with suggestions for you to look at. That’s where my brain screws up on me. Here’s what pops up on a weekly basis:

“New Pin picks!” Sure, it’s cute, but every time I get that e-mail, I see “New Pin pricks!” It confuses me to no end.

Pin pricks? Man, that just sounds painful. Maybe a little bloody, too.

I always end up pausing to read over the little title a couple of times before seeing it as it really is.

No big deal, but it is a mix of irritating and amusing.

While I’m on the topic, if you love the site, too, why not “watch” me? Here’s my profile. I almost always watch back!


Pin Whats? — 2 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about losing track of time! I was on Pinterest today, organizing my Boards! By the way, I think I found a setting to disable the notification of those “pin pricks”!

  2. It's so addictive!

    Now that I saw your comment, I just checked the settings. Is it the little "yes/no" tab next to "Weekly Inspiration" under e-mail notifications?

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