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I don’t know if it’s my allergies or something else, but my sinuses have been doing a number on me today, and it’s really messing with my dyslexia today.

Words aren’t showing up properly, and they’re being just as coy when I try writing. The most annoying thing that’s been happening involves this:

Save. I can save. C’mon, brain.

Buttons, man. Buttons.

Today, I replied to a couple of comments, and I’m a little surprised that it worked. The first time, I accidentally logged out completely. The second time, I almost did it again, but I managed to hit “reply”. The second comment almost got canceled instead of posted.

Of course, that’s not the only place I run into that trouble. As pictured above, saving documents gets challenging, even when the “Save” button is lit up.

You’d think that “reblog” button was obvious enough.

Microblogging sites, like tumblr, pose the same problem. If there’s a second or third option, you could bet I chose the one I don’t want.

Even when formatted in the generic save/post/submit on the left and cancel on the right, I still get confused. I end up feeling petty foolish and frustrated as a result.


On a somewhat related note, one of the comments I came across today was from a masters student at at Teachers College, Columbia University, Elizabeth Geiger. She’s in the Counseling Psychology program, and is carrying out a research study about the life experiences of students diagnosed with learning disabilities.

All that’s involved is filling out a 20 minute survey, but to take part, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Over 18
  • Currently in school
  • Live in the USA
  • Diagnosed with a learning disability/difference

I’m not in school at the moment, though that may change in the next year or two, so I don’t qualify. However, if you’re interested, please click here for the survey and more information on the study.

Feel free to pass this info along to others who may be qualified to participate.

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