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Every year, an event called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, takes place. The

What am I getting myself into?
Courtesy of NaBloPoMo from BlogHer

objective for this particular month is to write 50,000 words for a new or existing story. I took part in 2012, and managed to complete that monster.

I haven’t done anything else with the partially finished story since, but it’s still on my hard drive, waiting for more attention. It was hard work, but worth it. If you enjoy some mild horror and fantasy, check out an excerpt here.

After finishing the event, I saw something about a similar idea for blogging called NaBloPoMo. The objective for that is to post a blog entry every day for a month. Well, the web group BlogHer puts their own version on every month, so I decided to give May a try.

Their theme for May is Nourish. At first, I was a bit tentative, but since LD is so intimately connected with health, I think I can do it.

I’ll probably end up talking a fair amount about food in relation to LD, but the topics will also go into mental/emotional nourishment, and how I manage to stay well fed in terms of mental health.

So, stay tuned! Shenanigans start tomorrow, May 1st!

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