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Unless you count a fascination with good stories and non-chemical entertainment, I don’t have an addictive personality. Most of the time I only crave certain types of foods or drinks is when my body’s missing certain nutrients. I don’t eat when bored, I could happily live the rest of my life without alcohol, and I’ve never wanted to try smoking.

Coffee and a book. My kinda morning.
I made that cozy, actually. It’s also for sale here, if
anyone’s interested.

My only physical addiction is to caffeine. My favorite method of consumption of said drug is in coffee.

A character in the novel I’m working on views coffee as the catalyst to a morning evolution back to humanity, and I very much agree with her on that.

Unfortunately, mornings seem to be the worst times for me to do anything procedural. My mind fixates on the end result, but none of the steps between “mind’s eye” and “reality” register in order.

This morning is a prime example. Since I’m the only one in the household that drinks coffee, we don’t have a coffee pot, only a press. It’s usually not that hard to operate, which is a plus, but when my brain isn’t firing correctly, things get interesting.

After waking up at an entirely too early hour, I shuffled into the kitchen, took out the press and stared at it. If it had eyes, it would have stared back. If it had speech capabilities, it probably would have demanded I put it back in its nice, comfy cabinet.

Thankfully, it has neither of those abilities, so it just sat there. Waiting.

Eventually, I scooped some ground coffee into the container with a pinch of loose leaf mint tea. If you like mint already, you’ll love it with your coffee.

At that point, I wandered off to do something else. Maybe harass the cats. I can’t remember what it was now.

Once I get done with whatever it was I did, I started wondering why the kettle hadn’t started to boil. More than enough time had passed, so what was the hold up?



I probably should have put water on.

Alright! I ticked off the steps in my head –

1. Get press out of its home. (Check)
3. Put coffee and tea in it. (Check)
2. Boil water. (Progressing nicely)

Once the water heated up, I poured it into the press, put the top on and wandered over to my table to sit down with my bagel.

I had the sneaking suspicion I was forgetting something.

I have coffee. I have a bagel.

Vitamins! I hadn’t taken my vitamins out yet!

I do that, but I’m still missing something.

That’s when it dawns on me.

Coffee is great, but drinking it right from the press is a bad idea. A mug. I needed a mug.

Wow. At this point, I wondered if I should just go back to bed for a few more hours.

And people wonder why I hate mornings.

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