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Shortly after starting this blog, I discovered the need for an ergonomic keyboard.

Since I’m prone to tendinitis in both wrists, on a regular keyboard causes inflammation, which might develop into carpal tunnel syndrome.

When that happens, it’s generally a no good, very bad situation.

Anyway, I found an affordable ergonomic keyboard with a split pad and lots of buttons.

I was all sorts of excited when I got it. It slid free of the Styrofoam padding and bestowed upon me that lovely new technology smell.

You know, the one that smells like plastic and Christmas.

I set it up, reveled in the initial awkwardness of getting used to the split pad again and the feeling of safety granted by the “antibacterial coating” it was advertised with.

I started typing, looked at the arrow keys and start laughing.

Looks like I missed the arrows enough times to wear the finish away.

 There’s nothing wrong with how the mislabeled arrows function, so I found it especially funny that I of all people would be sent this keyboard.

I could have tried exchanging it, but this defect is a little too fitting to get rid of.

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