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I’m a fan of many TEDx videos. It’s an interesting forum that allows us to learn about various ideas without needing to sacrifice huge chunks of time, like books, movies and tv shows do.

It was worth seeing what some of the speakers had to say about their experiences with autism, and observations about how to better view its effects. Here are some of the better videos I came across.

I love his idea of a child’s “I can” network.

When he speaks about the docs saying he’d never learn how to talk, I always think of my little brother.

My brother isn’t on the spectrum, but he does have an intellectual disability, or what was up until the DSM was changed, mental retardation. The doctors told our mom that he’d never talk, so we all started to learn American Sign Language. (I still remember most of the alphabet, “yes”, “tree” and “thank you”, but not much else.)

Turns out, speech therapy and medical procedures for his cleft lip and palat proved those doctors wrong. He does talk now, we e-mail back and forth occassionally, and he has a job.

He still needs help with certain aspects of his life, and is part of a great state run program, but he’s living far more independantly than I think most people would have thought he would when he was still a kid.

I hadn’t realized this was the author of Sticks and Stones until she’d mentioned it partway through the video. Gotta love it when that happens.

She had some very interesting information about how the different social expectations our culture puts on girls has an extremely profound effect on girls with autism. It is very thought provoking.

As always, if you have any videos or resources you’d like to share, please do so in comments or on any of the social media outlets you may see this on.

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