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I’ve recently started reading an urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files. While I was partway through the third book, a sentence something along the lines of, “If it can get worse, it will get worse” came up.

I wonder. Is this how vampwurst would rest?
by Mario Spann, [CC BY-SA 2.0] via flickr

It would make perfect sense, since Jim has a thing for beating his main character up in each book, if my brain saw the word “worse” as it should have.
Nope. I saw “wurst” instead.
If it can get worst, it will get wurst.
Hm. Have I somehow stumbled into reading a series of paranormal German cook books?
Suddenly the horrific battles and wounds inflicted upon the various characters took on a different light.
Sure, there’s liverwurst, bratwurst and bockwurst, but have we now stumbled upon vampwurst, werewurst and ghostwurst?
I’d imagine vampwurst would be pretty tough to get down and the only time you can find werewurst would be during the full moon.
But ghostwurst? Would that fill you up at all? I’d imagine it’d be the lightest of the parawursts out there.
Now that I think about it, vampwurst and ghostwurst would probably be pretty bland, since you probably couldn’t use garlic in the first one or salt in the second one. Werewurst would be the only one you could season without ruining it.
It’s amazing how many strange ideas one reading error can provoke.

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